SMITHS’ history of supplying Land Rover gauges stems back to the 1940’s with the launch of the very first Land Rover, known commonly today as the “Series 1”, at the 1948 Amsterdam Motor Show. CAI continue to supply SMITHS gauges for many of the Land Rover marques. In fact, we still have many of the original hand written specifications for the instrumentation and gauges.

Land Rover Series I

In 2017, with a growing popularity for the original and authentic Land Rover, Jaguar Land Rover commissioned CAI to re-design the gauges for the Series I Land Rover. The Series I, had featured all SMITHS manufactured gauges. CAI have re-produced the mechanical Speedometer ( pictured below ) as per its 1950 design.

We worked closely with Jaguar Land Rover to ensure the gauge retained its authentic look. It features a 60mm black dial encased around a black full vee bezel, white graphics and pointer, slotted illumination and non-trip counter. The notable “Jaeger” logo is also featured as was on the original design.

The new gauge was launched at the Goodwood Festival of Speed in July 2018 and received lots of interest. A matching Fuel Level Gauge is also currently in development and will go into production soon. More details on the Land Rover Series I gauges can be found at

Land Rover Series II & III

CAI have continued to supply Land Rover gauges for the Series II and III.

Land Rover Defender TD5 (Model Year 99)

One of the biggest changes to the Land Rover came in late 1990’s, when it became the Land Rover Defender, instead of the Land Rover 90, a name derived from its 93-inch wheelbase or 110 (the 110-inch wheelbase). Towards the end of the decade the new Turbo Diesel (TD5) engine was fitted to the Defender which today has become known in enthusiast circles as the ‘Model Year 99′

Following a surge in enquiries for gauges for this model, CAI have re-produced the instrumentation from the original drawings held in our archives. They include a 100mm Speedometer featuring white print with green illumination, 52mm 5K Tachometer with green illumination, 52mm Fuel and Temperature gauges and a warning light module.

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