Land Rover Defender 90-110 Speedometer   

Smiths Classic mechanical 100mm (4in) For Land Rovers 1989 - 1999

Part Number for this Part SRM6014-07  ( PRC7374 )  0-140 Kmh

Also in this series                 SRM6014-06  (PRC7375)    0-120 Mph  0-190 Kph

                                                SRM6014-08 (PRC7373)   


SMITHS Classic mechanical speedometer Series 3

Smiths Classic mechanical (4in) condition.

Part numbers for these instruments

SNT6209-07        10-150 kmh  880 TPK

SNT6209-10AS   5-75 Mph Series 3 1280 TPM

SNT6209-24        5-95 Mph  PRC1775 1376 TPM

SNT6209-26         5-95 Mph RTC5034 1504 TPM

SNT6209-28         5-95 Mph RTC5035  1376 TPM

SNT6209-32         10-150 KM/H  10-90 MPH  860 TPK



Fuel gauge Defender 90-110 (PRC7314)

Original Fuel gauge 52mm, 12v shrouded with flat black bezel

Smiths part number ACF 2211-02


Coolant Temperature Gauge Defender 90-110 (AMR2632)

Original coolant temperature gauge,12v, 52mm, shrouded with flat black bezel

Smiths part Number ACT 2219-08  


Three in One Gauge IP3247-01 (PRC2783)

Water Temp Gauge , Fuel Gauge and charge light in 100mm case , made from the original tooling for Series 3



Land Rover TD5 and TDi Fuel Gauge

Land Rover Fuel Gauge

Part number  is PFC1-1B53-00B, OE Part no YAD100910

Compatible with  OE Gauge and CAI Equivalent


Land Rover TD5 Tachometer

Land Rover 52mm Tachometer 0-5000 RPM with flat black bezel

Part number displayed is PET1-1B53-00B


Land Rover TD5 and TDi Warning Light Module

Land Rover Model Year 99 Warning Light Module featuring LED Warning Symbols



Land Rover TD5 Coolant Temp gauge

Land Rover 52mm Coolant temp with flat black bezel

Part number displayed is PCT1-1B53-00B OE Part Number YAD100900 



Land Rover TD5 and TDi Speedometer  100mm diameter

Land Rover Speedometer 0-200 KMH.

Part number displayed is PES5-1B53-00B, OE Part no YBC101530

Also available in MPH, Part Number PES5-1B53-01B, OE Part no YBC101531



Range Rover 1978 Series 1 Oil Temperature

Range Rover 52mm oil temperature gauge with full vee black bezel

Black dial with white and red print. 60-135 degC. Strap Fixing

Part number displayed is BT2227-03