Land Rover Defender 90-110 Speedometer   

Smiths Classic mechanical 100mm (4in) For Land Rovers 1989 - 1999

Part Number for this Part SRM6014-07  ( PRC7374 )  0-140 Kmh

Also in this series                 SRM6014-06  (PRC7375)    0-120 Mph  0-190 Kph

                                                SRM6014-08 (PRC7373)   


SMITHS Classic mechanical speedometer Series 3

Smiths Classic mechanical (4in) condition.

Part numbers for these instruments

SNT6209-07        10-150 kmh  880 TPK

SNT6209-10AS   5-75 Mph Series 3 1280 TPM

SNT6209-24        5-95 Mph  PRC1775 1376 TPM

SNT6209-26         5-95 Mph RTC5034 1504 TPM

SNT6209-28         5-95 Mph RTC5035  1376 TPM

SNT6209-32         10-150 KM/H  10-90 MPH  860 TPK



Fuel gauge Defender 90-110 (PRC7313)

Original Fuel gauge 52mm, 12v shrouded with flat black bezel

Smiths part number ACF 2211-01

24v Fuel Gauge ACF2212-02 (PRC7314)


Coolant Temperature Gauge Defender 90-110 (AMR2632)

Original coolant temperature gauge,12v, 52mm, shrouded with flat black bezel

Smiths part Number ACT 2219-08  


Three in One Gauge IP3247-01 (PRC2783)

Water Temp Gauge , Fuel Gauge and charge light in 100mm case , made from the original tooling for Series 3



Land Rover TD5 and TDi Fuel Gauge

Land Rover Fuel Gauge

Part number  is PFC1-1B53-00B, OE Part no YAD100910

Compatible with  OE Gauge and CAI Equivalent


Land Rover TD5 Tachometer

Land Rover 52mm Tachometer 0-5000 RPM with flat black bezel

Part number displayed is PET1-1B53-00B


Land Rover TD5 and TDi Warning Light Module

Land Rover Model Year 99 Warning Light Module featuring LED Warning Symbols

CAI Part Number  41-718-347-00 OE Part Number YAZ100000



Land Rover TD5 Coolant Temp gauge

Land Rover 52mm Coolant temp with flat black bezel

Part number displayed is PCT1-1B53-00B OE Part Number YAD100900 



Land Rover TD5 and TDi Speedometer  100mm diameter

Land Rover Speedometer 0-200 KMH.

Part number displayed is PES5-1B53-00B, OE Part no YBC101530

Also available in MPH, Part Number PES5-1B53-01B, OE Part no YBC101531



Range Rover 1978 Series 1 Oil Temperature

Range Rover 52mm oil temperature gauge with full vee black bezel

Black dial with white and red print. 60-135 degC. Strap Fixing

Part number displayed is BT2227-03