CAI has worked extensively with a number of well known names in the Industrial market including JCB, Dennis Alexander and Hale Godiva. Our competencies in this market are wide ranging. We have supplied to the Oil Industry, and have recently been working with SYDAC on train simulator gauges, where the appearance has to be as original but the gauge has to be driven by software based electronic systems.

Hale Godiva

Hale Godiva are part of the IDEX group they manufacture and sell water pumps for the fire pump market, we have worked with for many years, recently we have developed new product with them a device that prevents clutch engagement to pump above or below a predetermined speed, it is a good example of the type of customised work we do with customers to solve their applications problems

Sydac Rail

Sydac are one of CAI’s most recent customers, they work in a market that CAI have not worked in before but are able to effectively use our core competencies, SYDAC manufacture train simulators for training rail drivers, we emulate the aesthetics of the gauge so that they look the same as the original but change the internals so that the gauges can be driven by processor generated signals or voltages.