TVR Chimaera, Griffith, Cerbera 100mm Speedometer Striped Logo

Electronic 100mm (4in) dashboard fit speedo for TVR Cerbera, Griffith, and Chimaera with LCD odometer front reset, trip and total function. This speedometer is programmable and has the ability to accept PPU number or has a ‘Drive To Set’ function. Available in a range of scales with black, magnolia or cirrus white dial.


Part Number Dial Scale
EES5-1B32-01A Black 0-180MPH (dual scale)
EES5-1B32-02A Magnolia 0-180MPH (dual scale)
EES5-1B32-31A Black 0-220MPH (dual scale)
EES5-1B32-32A Magnolia 0-220MPH (dual scale)
EES5-1B32-33A Cirrus White 0-220MPH (dual scale)
EES5-1B32-61A Black 0-300KMH (single scale)
EES5-1B32-62A Magnolia 0-300KMH (single scale)

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