SMITHS Telemetrix 100mm Digital Tachometer

Smiths Motorsport 100mm digital tachometer with max rev recall. Maximum range from 8000 to 18000 RPM with compressed scale at the lower rev ranges.

Part Number Range
RET5-1A32-13 8000 Rpm (0-3000 Compressed)
RET5-1A32-14 10000 Rpm (0-4000 Compressed)
RET5-1A32-15 12000 Rpm (0-5000 Compressed)
RET5-1A32-16 14000 Rpm (0-7000 Compressed)
RET5-1A32-17 16000 Rpm (0-8000 Compressed)
RET5-1A32-18 18000 Rpm (0-9000 Compressed)

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