E-Type Oil Pressure Gauge Series 1

Series 1 52mm black dial with full vee black bezel, also available with half round bezel. SMITHS logo on shroud. ‘Made in UK printed on dial’. Available as positive or negative earth. Scale 0-60 or 0-100 psi. Kit comes complete with an oil pressure sender.

Part Number Scale Bezel
APE2300-00NEGKIT 100psi Full V Semi Matt Black
APE2300-05NEGKIT 100psi Full V Black
APE2300-02NEGKIT 60psi Full V Black
APE2300-02POSKIT 60psi Full V Black
APE2300-02RNEGKIT 60psi Half Round Black
APE2300-03CNEGKIT 60psi Full V Chrome
APE2300-03CPOSKIT 60psi Full V Chrome
APE2300-03NEGKIT 60psi Full V Black
APE2300-03POSKIT 60psi Full V Black
APE2300-04NEGKIT 60psi Half Round Black
APE2300-04POSKIT 60psi Half Round Black

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