C Type Speedometer

120mm Speedometer with black dial, white print and white pointer. Full vee black or chrome bezel. Available in MPH or KMH in a range of scales.

Part Number Scale Bezel
EES7-1B32-09C (No logo on dial) 80 MPH Chrome
EES7-1B32-04C 140 MPH Chrome
EES7-1B32-00B 160 MPH Black
EES7-1B32-00C 160 MPH Chrome
EES7-1B32-11C 170 MPH Chrome
EES7-1B32-12B 180 MPH Black
EES7-1B32-12C 180 MPH Chrome
EES7-1B32-14B 180 KMH Black
EES7-1B32-04B 240 KMH Black
EES7-1B32-03B 260 KMH Black
Jaguar D-Type

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