Smiths Classic 100mm (4in) dashboard fit 0-200 kph speedo for the classic MG, half vee chrome bezel, traditional SMITHS logo and high beam warning light. 660 tpm

Pictured Gauge Part No is SN6144-01  

Part number for MPH version is SN6144-00



Smiths Classic 100mm (4in) 7K Tachometer with chrome half vee bezel, black dial and Classic MG white print, with warning light

Pictured is part number RVI2401-00B positive earth

Part number for negative earth is RVI2418-00




SMITHS Classic MG Dual Gauge

 52mm diameter dual Oil and Water gauge with half vee chrome bezel

Part Number Pictured is GD1301-62C072




SMITHS Classic MG Dual Gauge

Smiths Classic Dual Oil and Water Gauge for the MG

Range 0-100 psi  90-250F (30-120C)

Part number of gauge pictured is GD1301-21C072



SMITHS Classic MGB V8 Dual Gauge

52mm Water and Oil Temperature gauge

1/2 vee chrome bezel, 0-60psi, 30-120 C (90-250F)



We have been busy resurrecting gauges for the MG Range. If you are unable to see what you want, please contact us and we will be happy  to help. We will also be adding further gauges to the collection as we produce new items.