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Smiths were the original Instrument manufacturers. We still manufacture some gauges as they were made in the 1950's. We also manufacture gauges in the same style, but with more modern electronic components, to interfaces with more contemporary senders and CAN signals

News & Updates

2017 Review of SMITHS Instruments News and Blogs

15 December

A review of the news and blogs posted by SMITHS Instruments about gauges featuring in some of the most classic cars and motorcycles ever produced.

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British Motorcycle History with Classic Triumph Bonneville

04 December

At the end of the 1950s and beginning of the 1960s, the UK led the world in the design and manufacture of motorcycles such as the Triumph Bonneville.

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Classic Aston Martin DBS Featuring SMITHS Gauges

27 November

The original classic Aston Martin DBS (1967-72) featured gauges designed and supplied by SMITHS Instruments.

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