SMITHS Jaguar E-Type Tachometer

Recreated with an electronic movement and clock as original from the front with a billet case containing the movements

Series 1 Mark 1

Part Number RV7403-00BB




SMITHS Jaguar E-Type Speedometer

The original build for the Series 1 -E-Type Jaguar in mechanical form will be made with a billet case and the original movement

Part number SN6332-00 160 Mph  1312 Turns per mile  3.31 : 1  diff (C28498)

(Pictured Left)SN6332-02 260 Km/h 760 turns per Km 3.31/ 3.54 :1 Diff (C38216)




SMITHS Jaguar E-Type Fuel gauge

Series 2 Mark 2 late original bimetal fuel gauge built to the original specification

using much of the same tooling

Part Number BF2200-11



Smiths Jaguar E-Type Water Temp

 Series 1 Mark 2  original bimetal gauge  made using most of the original tooling

Part Number BT2200-08 


SMITHS Jaguar E-Type Fuel gauge

Series 1 Mark 2 early bimetal gauge made using most of the original tooling

Part Number BF2200-12



 Smiths Jaguar E Type Oil Pressure Gauge

Series 1 Gauge , kit comes complete with oil pressure sender and gauge , with full vee black bezel, also available with half round bezel and 100 psi gauge, also positive and negative earth

Part Number for pictured item APE2300-03NEGKIT



SMITHS Jaguar E-Type  Voltmeter

Series 2 replica aircore gauge with metal case and original dial print 

Part Number shown  ABV2202-00B , with half round bezel

Also available with full vee bezel part number ABV2202-02B



Smiths 'E' Type Tachometer 5 inch

Fitted as original equipment 0-6000 rpm tachometer with red sector between 5000-6000 RPM half round bezel, part number RVI4612-02 .



SMITHS Jaguar E-Type  Time Clock

Series 1 and 2

Smiths 60mm Analogue time clock with remote reset

Black dial and half round bezel with white print

Part Number shown CTE3107-01HR, also available with full vee black bezel




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