SMITHS Dual Gauges

SMITHS created many dual gauges for many vehicles in their history, a few have made into more modern cars , TVR and Noble both sported water temperature and oil pressure gauges, this page is dedicated to providing a guide to the many gauges on offer, some are still in production others can be resurrected


Bulb Types

Dual gauges with a temperature scale have an ether filled bulb fitted at the end of armoured capilliary tubing there are two main types (pictured on the left) A2 and K, these are important when deciding which gauge is required they cannot be easily adapted because they fit into the engine block


A2 Bulb has a tapered seating and a 5/8" UNF Male Nut

K Type has 3/8" BSP female nut , either supplied with (31-363-415) 3/8 BSP Male to 5/8 UNF Male or (31-363-472-00) 3/8 BSP to 3/8NPT depending on the gauge part number, please call us if you are unsure





Classic Dual gauge with A2 bulb 78" capilliary , fitted to some of the early minis



BHA4764  OE fitment to the  Austin Healey Sprite and MG  Midget  and 1967-69 MGB with A2 Bulb and 1/8 gas pip fitting 72 " capilliary



BHA4900 Fitted to MGB and MG Midget up to 1972 fitted with A2 Bulb 72 " Capilliary as standard other lengths available



60 psi Oil Pressure scale matched with CNH temp scale with red sector A2 bulb.

OE fitment to MGB GT V8



A2 bulb , Land Rover series one fitment, 0-100 psi oil pressure scale and water temperature in Fahrenheit ,  



160 psi Oil Pressure scale matched with 30-120 Degrees Celsius scale with K type bulb.



 Originally fitted to TR8 , 0-60 psi oil pressure scale and Oil temperature scale 90-230 in Fahrenheit  with half Vee black bezel and 78 inch capilliary, K Type  bulb.



100 psi Oil Pressure scale matched with 30-100 Degrees Celsius scale with K type bulb. Land Rover  flash , available from John Craddock



 Originally fitted to TVR Griffith and Cerbera available in Cirrus White (Pictured) Magnolia and Black Dials all with the original anodised aluminium bezel

20 inch capilliary length with the original A2 Bulb  , pressure connection is 1/8 NPT



GD1301-63C072 for the MG Sprite

52mm Gauge with Chrome Bezel

0-100 psi Oil / Water Gauge 90-230F 



Dual Oil and Water Gauge

Magnolia Dial and Chrome half vee bezel

0-100psi, 90-230F, 91"capillary



We want to create a page that gives as much information on Dual Gauges as is possible with their OE part numbers if possible, feel free to contribute, hundreds of different types were manufactured for classic cars and commercial vehicles.