In 2001, Lee Noble of Noble Automotive launched the British constructed the Noble M12 GTO Super Car.  The car propelled Noble from a company manufacturing out of one small industrial unit to one housed in several buildings with a growing order book of international sales.  After the initial prototypes, production of the M12 moved to South Africa, where the cars would be 80% completed before returning to Leicester in the UK for final assembly.

The Noble M12 is a two-door, two-seater sports car.  It replaced the M10, which only sold in small numbers.  The sleek curved bodywork and rear aerodynamic fin ensure that the M12 does not go unnoticed when driving down a Buckingham village high street.

Noble M12 GT03 Supercar
Noble M12 GT03 Supercar

The M12 Supercar is powered by a bi-turbocharged 2.5-litre Ford Duratec V6 engine that has a warm reassuring throb as the revs rise.  The turbos are positioned just behind the seats, perfectly positioned to thrill the driver when they whoosh and whistle as the accelerator peddle is pressed.

As expected with a car designed by Lee Noble, the M12 handles brilliantly on the track, but is also surprisingly well-suited to heavily congested British roads.  The lightweight controls and the ability to pull away from 20mph in 4th gear, makes this car practical and enjoyable even when stuck in traffic.

The Noble M12 Interior and Instrumentation

Inside the car, the interior has been designed for the driver.  The roll cage is hidden by good trimming and once in the race-like seat, the steering wheel can be adjusted to the ideal position for the driver.  The clutch is light and the CAI tachometer throbs in time with the engine as the clutch comes up and the throttle down.

Noble M12 interior
Noble M12 interior

When the design team from CAI were asked to develop new gauges for the M12, there was a focus on style.  When the driver glanced at the dashboard, with the centrally located Speedometer and Tachometer balanced either side by the gauges for fuel and coolant temperature, they needed to feel that they were driving something very special.  The white faced gauges are perfect for the internal mix of aluminium, black and red.  The driver’s seat is a place where any motor enthusiast would want to be.

The gauges designed for the M12 also went on to be included in the newer M400.  The gauges consisted of 100mm 8k Tachometer, 100mm Programmable Speedometer (0-200MPH), and three minor monitoring gauges; Fuel Level, Turbo Boost gauge and Water Temperature Gauge.  All include white dials with black graphics on a cirrus white dial and red pointers. The original NOBLE logo is featured.

In 2007, 1G Racing in Ohio (part of the Rossion Automotive Group) acquired the rights to build and modify the M12 and M400 cars for the US market.  The M12 was relaunched as the Q1 and continues to feature the original design of gauges supplied by CAI.

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