TVR Griffith 500 British Sports Car

TVR Griffith 500 British Sports Car

In 1990, Peter Wheeler's British-based TVR Motor Company reintroduced a new version of the classic Griffith sports car.  The last classic TVR Griffith to leave a production line was the 400 in 1967.  As with the model's distant relatives, the new Griffith 500 was a lightweight, 2-door, 2-seat sports car.  However, that is where the similarities ended.  The new Griffith 500 was designed as a more powerful and aggressively styled car, but with a sympathetic nod of respect to their 1960s' relatives.

Between 1991 and 2002, 2,351 Griffith 500 sports cars were built at TVR's manufacturing plant in Blackpool, United Kingdom.  The first Griffith 500 had a 4.0-litre engine producing 240 bhp.  Very quickly the engine became increasingly powerful moving to a 4.3-litre, then 4.5-litre and finally a 5.0-litre engine producing 340 bhp, which became the standard as of 1993.

The Griffith 500 was almost mechanically identical to the Chimaera, which was produced between 1992 and 2003.  In fact, further development of the Griffith 500 ceased for TVR to focus on the newer Chimaera.  However, the Griffith 500 is considered to be one of Peter Wheeler's finest sport car designs.

Presently, TVR Griffith 500 sports cars are purchased for between £10,000 and £21,000 (2019) depending on the condition.

SMITHS Instrumentation

The stylish curved dashboard featured six TVR-branded SMITHS gauges:

  • Speedometer with an inset digital trip counter;
  • Tachometer;
  • Fuel gauge;
  • Oil temperature gauge;
  • Water temperature gauge;
  • Clock;

Each gauge was classically designed with a choice of dials with a dial face colour of black, magnolia, mint green or cirrus white.  These combined with a matt anodised aluminium bezel to suit the finish of the dashboard.

A New Beginning

In 2019, TVR is producing a limited number of newly styled Griffith sports cars.  TVR report 'ground-breaking to deliver outstanding stability and handling capabilities'.  

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