Top 5 Read SMITHS Instruments Blogs in 2017

Top 5 Read SMITHS Instruments Blogs in 2017

29 news and technical articles on classic cars and motorcycles were posted on the SMITHS Instruments blog site in 2017.  The subject matter has included Aston Martin, Triumph Motorcycles, the classic Mini, and the Jaguar.

The top 5 read blogs of 2017, in descending order, are:

5.  SMITHS Gauges Appear in the Jaguar XKSS Dashboard

Our first article of 2017 (11th January) announced our involvement in one of the most exciting projects of the year - the manufacture of the 'new original' Jaguar XKSS.  SMITHS instrumentation had been used on the original XKSS (1954-56) and to ensure authenticity Jaguar once again turned to SMITHS.  A wonderful project.

4.  SMITHS Gauges Manufactured for the 80th Anniversary Morgan 4/4

#4 is a blog originally published in May 2016.  The original Morgan 4/4 was produced in 1936 and to celebrate the 80th anniversary, Morgan produced a new limited edition.  As with the Jaguar XKSS, authenticity was very important and so Morgan once again turned to SMITHS to replicate the gauges supplied back in 1936.

3.  SMITHS Gauges and the Jaguar XJ Series 1

Jaguar appears for the 2nd time in the top 5, with an article reviewing the history of SMITHS gauges featuring in Jaguar cars.  The XJ series was launched in 1968 with the XJ6, a car that would transport UK Prime Ministers and members of the British Royal Family.

2.  History of Mini Clubman and 1275 GT Gauges 1969 to 1980

The Mini Clubman and 1275 GT were born from a restyle in 1969.  As with earlier Mini cars, SMITHS gauges featured in their dashboards.

1.  New Electronic Speedometer for Mini Cooper S

The top read blog on the SMITHS website is the announcement of a new electronic speedometer for the Mini Cooper S.  The global popularity of the classic Mini is highlighted by the fact that our 2 top read blogs of the year are Mini related.

We hope you have enjoyed reading our news and blogs in 2017 and please check out our Review of the Year.  With our rich SMITHS history we have plenty of stories to tell in 2018.  In the meantime, if you are interested in receiving further information on any of the articles or details on new or classic gauges, please contact us on:

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