The History of Mini Gauges 1967 to 1970

The History of Mini Gauges 1967 to 1970

In 1967, the British Motor Corporation launched the Mark II Mini at the British Motor Show in Birmingham.  The success of the Mark I Mini had exceeded expectations with over 1,190,000 being produced between 1959 and 1967.  The iconic car had entered popular culture and was being driven by film stars like Steve McQueen, Peter Sellers and James Garner, along with Paul, John, George and Ringo of The Beatles.  Even Enzo Ferrari owned a Mini!

The changes in the Mark II Mini were slight with a redesigned grille, larger rear window and other cosmetic changes to modernise the look and feel of the car.  Although some of the 429,000 Mark II Minis were produced overseas in Spain and even Chile, the bulk of production was in Longbridge near Birmingham in the UK.  Unlike the Mark I Mini, the model was only produced for 3 years before being replaced by the Mark III.

The Mark II Mini had 3 gauges for speed, fuel and temperature mounted in a central pod, all designed and manufactured by SMITHS Instruments.  The original gauge tooling for the Mark II Mini is still used today by CAI and SMITHS when manufacturing gauges for Mini enthusiasts.  This ensures that the look and feel of any replacement gauge respects the origins of the iconic car.

The SMITHS Classic Mini digital replacement dashboard fit Speedo has a larger OLED panel for odo or trip readout, onboard "drive-to-set" programming, billet case and fuel gauge programmable for different sender characteristics as well as LED warning lights.  Presently, there are 12 models:

Black Dial Chrome

  • SN4421-00CB 90 Mph
  • SN4421-01CB 140 Kmh
  • SN4421-32CB 130 Mph
  • SN4421-33CB 200 Kmh

Magnolia Dial Chrome

  • SN4421-60CB 90 Mph
  • SN4421-61CB 140 Kph
  • SN4421-62CB 130 Mph
  • SN4421-63CB 200 Kph

White Dial Chrome

  • SN4421-70CB 90 Mph
  • SN4421-71CB 140 Kph
  • SN4421-72CB 130 Mph
  • SN4421-73CB 200 Kph

On the Mark II Mini, all the gauges were positioned centrally, with the large Speedometer sitting between the other 2 smaller gauges.  The layout was simple and designed to keep production costs as low as possible.

The Mark II Mini never reached the heights of popularity of the Mark I, which remains a favourite with enthusiasts around the world.

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