SMITHS Instruments on the MG Midget Mk I Sports Car

SMITHS Instruments on the MG Midget Mk I Sports Car

In June 1961, the British Motor Corporation Limited (BMC) launched a new two-seater Sports Car. At the time they had no idea that the MG Midget was going to be one of the most popular small sports cars ever produced.

Between 1961 and 1980, four models of MG Midget were produced, starting with the MG Midget Mk I (1961-64).  

The Mk I MG Midget was, essentially, the MG version of the Mk II Austin-Healey Frogeye Sprite (launched in 1958).  The main difference was the higher price, although there were other aesthetic differences to justify the price differential.  The new sports car had the MG badge, a new grille design, an extended range of colours, leather seats, and chrome trim.  However, the Mk I was not luxurious, with a heater being only optional and windows in the form of side-screens or curtains.

The early Mk I had a 948cc A-series engine (the same featured in the Sprite), which was increased to 1098cc A-series in October 1962.  The 1098cc A-series engine was also shared with the Morris Minor, amongst others.  In total, over 25,000 Mk I MG Midgets were produced (16,080 with a 948cc engine and 9601 with the 1098cc).

The Mk I MG Midget featured four SMITHS gauges in the dashboard.  On the left hand side was a Dual Water and Oil Gauge, which remains a speciality of SMITHS today.  Sat behind the steering wheel, were the two main gauges; the Speedometer and Tachometer.  The Tachometer had a distinctive orange and red section for warning against over revving the engine.  The final gauge, on the right hand side, was for Fuel.

Being involved in the history of some of the most iconic cars ever produced is always special.  SMITHS instruments can be found on Classic Cars ranging from the MG Midget to the GT40.

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