SMITHS Clock Speed of Iron Maiden Drummer

SMITHS Clock Speed of Iron Maiden Drummer

The Jaguar XJ6 celebrates 50 years in 2019, a remarkable history for one of Jaguar's most popular cars.  Many of the classic Jaguar dashboards feature gauges designed and manufactured by SMITHS Instruments including the:

  • The 1936 SS Jaguar 100
  • The Mark II from 1959 as driven by Inspector Endeavor Morse in the original 1980s ITV series;
  • "The most beautiful car ever made" otherwise known as the E Type from 1961;
  • The original and 'new original' XKSS;

Nicko McBrain, the drummer of legendary rock group Iron Maiden, is a huge Jaguar fan.  He contacted Jaguar Classic to create a very special 1984 XJ6.  The finished Jaguar blends the traditional styling of the 1984 model with modern features commonplace in most cars being built in 2018.  This unique Jaguar XJ6 has been dubbed the 'Greatest Hits' model.

The Instrumentation

For authenticity and to ensure that the styling remained true to the original XJ6, SMITHS gauges again feature in the dashboard.  SMTIHS gauges are manufactured by CAI Gauges at their manufacturing facility in South Wales.  They still use the original designs and drawings to ensure that all their classic gauges blend seamlessly into the dashboard of any classic Jaguar.

SMITHS classic Flight Range gauges were supplied for Nicko McBrain's Jaguar XJ6.  The Flight Range features classic SMITHS styling coupled with the latest LED backlighting.  Quartz crystal accuracy is provided by the microprocessor controlled stepper motor full scale (270 degree) movements.

SMITHS Classic-Flight Digital Speedometer

  • 100mm (4in) dashboard fit;
  • 180 Mph top speed;
  • Odo or trip readout;
  • Onboard "drive-to-set" programming
  • White LED backlighting;

 SMITHS Classic-Flight Digital Tachometer

  • Digital dashboard fit;
  • 8K RPM maximum reading;
  • Configurable for engines from 1-12 cylinders and most ignition systems;
  • White LED backlighting;

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