Racing Car History On Show at Le Mans Classic 2016

Racing Car History On Show at Le Mans Classic 2016

This weekend (8th - 10th July 2016), the romance of racing cars returns with the Le Mans Classic.  Held since 2002, the race has established itself as the respectable sister to the main Le Mans 24 hour race.

The Le Mans Classic celebrates the history of one of the most iconic racing car events in the world.  The track will be graced by classic cars like the Morgan 4/4 1937, Aston Martin DB 1950, Jaguar Type D 1955, Jaguar Type E 1962, Shelby Cobra 289 1964, and Ford GT40 1965.

The Le Mans Classic celebrates all the drivers who risked their lives mastering their racing cars around the circuit over 24 hours.  The physical and mental strength needed to handle some of the older classic cars was incredible.  Also, the skill of those drivers was masterful.  In today's racing world, technology has made racing safer and, arguably, easier.  In the past, the driver has often had to battle against the machine, learning and understanding the car's foibles to coerce it around the track time and time again.

On the track at Le Mans this weekend will also be the motorsport history of SMITHS Instruments.  Many of the classic cars will be measuring their speed, revs, oil temperature and fuel with instrumentation designed and manufactured by SMITHS Instruments.  The evolution of instrumentation, especially with regards to racing cars, is there for all to see.  Even today, classic SMITHS Instruments are manufactured by CAI using the same tooling and designs.

Le Mans Classic will be an amazing spectacle for any motorsports fan.  Good luck to all those taking part.

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