New SMITHS Digital Jaguar E Type Speedometer

New SMITHS Digital Jaguar E Type Speedometer

Owners and restorers of the much-loved Jaguar E-Type sports car will have the opportunity of installing a digital SMITHS speedometer.  The new speedometer is designed using the original drawings used for the mechanical instrument.  This ensures a perfect fit into the dashboard, whilst remaining aesthetically true to the style and design of the classic Jaguar E-Type.

The prototype digital speedometer was displayed on the SMITHS Instruments stand at the Goodwood Festival of Speed (June 2019).

Despite now being digital, the prototype Jaguar E-Type speedometer still has the appearance of a mechanical gauge.  The numbers on both the inset ODO and trip counter roll forward as with the original mechanical instrument.

“We wanted the new digital gauge to be as authentic as possible,” explained Gavin Roberts, Caerbont Automotive Instruments’ Managing Director.  “Jaguar E-Type owners wanted an updated speedometer that perfectly matched the original gauge.  Thankfully, we have retained all the original manufacturing drawings, which we used as key reference material during the design of the prototype.  The response from both owners and people restoring Jaguar E-Type sports cars has been fantastic.  Our engineers are in the process of fine tuning the design.  ”

Features of the prototype digital SMITHS speedometer include:

  • 0-160 mph display;
  • Odometer and trip counter with roll forward numbers;
  • Lights for Ignition, Fuel and Headlamps;

Original SMITHS Instruments for the Jaguar E-Type

The prototype digital SMITHS speedometer is an addition to the already extensive range of Jaguar E-Type gauges.  These include:

  • Recreated digital tachometer with built-in clock;
  • Mechanical tachometer (0-6000 rpm);
  • Mechanical speedometer (0-160 mph);
  • Fuel gauges;
  • Water temperature gauges;
  • Oil pressure gauges;
  • Voltmeters;

All gauges are built using the original designs and tooling at the Caerbont Automotive Instruments manufacturing facility in Abercrave, near Swansea in South Wales, UK.

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