Motorsport and SMITHS History at Goodwood Revival 2017

Motorsport and SMITHS History at Goodwood Revival 2017

Goodwood Revival is wonderful celebration of a bygone era of British motor racing.  Held annually in the ground of the Goodwood Estate in West Sussex, the 3-day event is a celebration of motorsport engineering and endeavour, with classic racing cars once again roaring around the circuit.

The speed and engine revs of many of those classic cars were measured with instruments designed and manufactured in the UK by SMITHS Instruments.  SMITHS has a long-standing history of working with car manufacturers such as Aston Martin, Caterham and Jaguar, supplying instrumentation for road and motorsports cars.  At the Goodwood Revival it was fantastic to see our instrumentation mounted in the dashboards of some of the most stylish, sleek and revered racing cars in the world.  A small selection included:

Aston Martin DBR1

In August 2017, a 1956 Aston Martin DBR1 became the most expensive British car ever sold at auction when a collector paid £17.5 million.  The dashboard features gauges designed and manufactured by SMITHS Instruments.

Aston Martin DB4GT (1960)

The Aston Martin DB4GT is one of the most valuable and collectable cars in the world.  The dashboards of most classic Aston Martin cars feature SMITHS instrumentation.

Aston Martin DB6

The classic grand tourer was released in October 1965 to replace the popular DB5.  


The Caterham name has always been synonymous with motorsport, and today the Seven remains one of the most successful and popular race cars in the world.  Every factory-made Seven has SMITHS gauges.

The Jaguar E-Type

"The most beautiful car ever made," said Enzo Ferarri in 1961.  What an accolade!  The Jaguar E-Type is one of the most iconic and loved British sports cars ever produced.  At the Goodwood Festival of Speed in August 2017, SMITHS released a new digital Tachometer for the classic Jaguar E-Type.

The 'New Original' Jaguar XKSS

The 'New Original' Jaguar XKSS was launched in November 2016.  This very special and unique sports car has been authentically reproduced to the exact 1957 specification, including featuring SMITHS gauges and instrumentation in the dashboard.  On the Jaguar Classic stand at Goodwood Revival was a quote from Kev Riches, the Jaguar Classic Engineering Manager:

"The XKSS is one of the most important cars in Jaguar's history, and we are committed to making the 'new original' version absolutely faithful to the period car in every way.  From the number, type and position of all the rivets used - there are more than 2000 in total - to the Smiths gauges on the dashboard, everything is the same as the original cars, because that is the way it should be."


Team Lotus is widely regarded as one of the greatest ever motor racing teams with an amazing history that includes 74 Grand Prix victories.  

For further information on the gauges supplied for motorsports or for any classic car, please contact us on:

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