MG Midget Evolution with Mark II

MG Midget Evolution with Mark II

The MG Midget MkI sports car had proven extremely popular with the motoring public and, in 1964, BMC launched the MarkII.

There were a limited number of modifications on the MkII including:

  • Improved rear suspension, with more conventional semi-elliptical leaf springs proving a more comfortable ride.  This also addressed the MkI's tendency to over-steer;
  • The doors were modified to include wind-up windows.  They also had external handles and new locks;
  • A slight curve was added to the windscreen;
  • The engine power was increased to 59 hp at 5750 rpm (a rise of 3 bhp);

Between 1964 and 1966, a total of 26,601 were produced; a small increase on the 25,681 Mk1 MG Midgets.  This reflected the growing popularity of the MG small sports car in the UK and overseas.  BMC increased their advertising spend, targeting young, childless couples with the lure of getting away for the weekend.

In 1966, a convertible MG Midget MkII even appeared in a car chase during an episode of the BBC's The Dick Emery Show.  This highlighted the growing British popularity of an affordable, stylish sports car.

As with the MG Midget MkI, the dashboard of the MarkII featured SMITHS gauges.  The configuration was different to the MkI with the Speedometer and Tachometer still mounted behind the steering wheel, but the Fuel Gauge and the Dual Oil and Water Gauge positioned either side of the ignition key in front of the gear stick in a more centralised location.  This gave the dashboard a less cluttered appearance, stretching across towards the passenger.

The final MkII was produced in 1966, but the popularity of the MG Midget continued with the MkIII

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