Gauges for Iconic Cars at Classic Motor Show

Gauges for Classic Cars at Classic Motor Show

Lovers of classic cars will be flocking to the Lancaster Insurance Classic Motor Show this month (11-13 November, NEC, Birmingham, UK).  On show will be traditional British classics, vintage motors, historic motorsport, European exotica, American gas-guzzlers, and more modern retro classics.  This is the place to be for Classic Cars.

Many of the Classic Cars on show will feature gauges and instrumentation designed and manufactured by CAI and Smiths Instruments.  Smiths Instrumentation has been featured in the dashboards of some of the most iconic cars ever built.  The same style and quality is still provided today, manufactured in the UK using original tools and drawings.  Maintaining that 'classic' feel is so important.

CAI and Smiths gauges will be featured on stand number TV35 of Digital Speedos (one of our UK distibutors).  Featured gauges and information will be available on:

The Classic Motor Show will be an amazing event and we look forward to seeing you there.

For further information on gauges for Classic Cars please contact us on:

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