CAI Gauges Draw Crowds at Busfest 2016

CAI Gauges Draw Crowds at Busfest 2016

"Busfest had the most diverse and comprehensive collection of VW Vans that I have ever seen, " commented Gavin Roberts, CAI's Managing Director.

Busfest 2016 proved to be a great success for CAI, with it's display of VW Classic and Smiths Instruments.  On the stand were classic VW gauges, still manufactured in the UK using original Smiths tooling.

"Busfest is special because the owners and enthusiasts are so passionate about their VW Vans," observed Gavin.

Many of the VW Vans at Busfest had original and new Smiths Instruments gauges in their dashboards.  On the CAI stand were Speedos, Tachos, Clocks, Fuel Gauges, Voltmeters, Oil Pressure Gauges and Oil Temperature Gauges.  Photos of some of the amazing VW Vans on display at the show can be seen on the CAI Pinterest site.

"Busfest gave us a great opportunity to talk with the owners and help them with any gauge questions.  We are fortunate to have a great distribution network across the UK, but there's nothing better than meeting our existing and potential customers face-to-face," said Gavin.

For further information on classic gauges for VW Vans, Cars or any classic vehicle, please contact us via:

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