Classic Gauges for VW Patina Vans

Classic Gauges for VW Patina Vans

They are rusty.  They have dents, They have holes.  But they are loved.  They are the Volkswagon VW Patina Vans.

The VW Van has been a been a favourite of millions of people for many years.  The history, the traditional and the style, all combine to define one of the most iconic vehicles to roam on our roads or next to a beach as their owners ride the surf.  There is a magic associated with the ownership that includes celebrities such as Jamie Oliver and even F1 racing driver Jenson Button

The Patina look is something special.  Bits of bodywork consumed by rust and surrounded by the dents indicative of an exciting life on the road.  At a glance, you would not be excused for wondering how the vehicle is allowed on the road and only when you speak with the owners do you get any appreciation of how much the VW Patina Van is loved.  However, despite the external rustic appearance, inside a VW Patina Van, the look is somewhat different.

The interior of every VW Patina Van is special and, in the vast majority of cases, a little more sprightly than the rustic exterior.  As shown in the photograph, this VW Patina Van has, amongst other things, a turntable to play vinyl records.  

The instrumentation and gauges of VW Patina Van also have to respect the history of the vehicle and essence of the brand.  They must sit comfortably in the dashboard, not only physically but aesthetically.  Having an appreciation and understanding of how the gauges were originally designed and manufactured helps when producing gauges for the modern day.


The photograph shows some of the specialist gauges for the T2 VW Van including a Clock, Volt gauge, Oil Temperature and Pressure gauges, and a Fuel gauge.  The design and look blends in seamlessly with the dashboard of a T2.  These are just a small selection of the range of gauges SMITHS design, manufacture and supply for classic VW vehicles.

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