Aston Martin DB5 Junior Features SMITHS Instruments

Aston Martin DB5 Junior Features SMITHS Instruments

The original Aston Martin DB5 is an iconic British classic car.  The DB5 was propelled to stardom after first featuring in the James Bond film Goldfinger and has since starred in many 007 movies.  The DB5 has an unmistakable style and panache, making the car one of the most desirable of all classic cars.

50 years after the original launch of the DB5 in 1960, Aston Martin and The Little Car Company joined forces to develop a new concept in classic Aston Martin cars, producing a meticulously detailed and accurate two-thirds scale electric DB5.  The DB5 Junior pays homage to the rich history of the car and the brand.  Also, just like the original DB5, only 1,059 cars will be built.

The DB5 Junior is 3m long and 1.1m wide, making it perfect for children but also accessible to those car enthusiasts who are still young at heart.  Each of the limited-edition vehicles produced will feature classic Aston Martin badges, Silver Birch paintwork, and individually numbered chassis plates.

The DB5 Junior features a rear-wheel-drive, fully electric powertrain and multiple driving modes.  The car has a top speed of 30 mph, although there is an in-built novice driving mode that limits the speed to 12 mph.

There is an amazing attention to detail, with aluminium brake and accelerator pedals and a black leather interior.

DB5 Junior Dashboard Features SMITHS Instruments

Also, the dashboard of the DB5 Junior features a centrally-positioned SMITHS clock along with five other gauges including:

  • Speedometer;
  • Power meter;
  • Battery temperature gauge;
  • Motor temperature gauge;
  • Battery charge;
  • Direction meter;
  • State gauge;

The speedometer and power meter (or 'rev counter') are smaller in diameter than the original gauges, but the style is original down to the inclusion of the warning lights.

All the instruments were designed by the engineering team at Caerbont Automotive Instruments (CAI) near Swansea in South Wales, UK.  Using the original drawings, CAI manufactures SMITHS gauges for classic cars including many models of Aston Martin.  For the DB5 Junior, the design team focused on maintaining the same style and look as the original SMITHS instruments, whilst introducing new technology.

“This was a wonderful project to work on,” said Gavin Roberts, the Managing Director of Caerbont Automotive Instruments, “SMITHS instruments featured on most of the early Aston Martin cars and we were thrilled to be involved with the DB5 Junior project.  Seeing the finished instruments mounted in the dashboard was particularly special.”

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