2016 News and Blogs Summary from Smiths Gauges

2016 News and Blogs Summary from Smiths Gauges

2017 has been an exciting year for Smiths Instruments.  The launch of a brand new website has enabled us to provide automotive enthusiasts with more news and information than ever before.  Here is a summary of some of this year's highlights:

The Classic Mini

A British classic, loved my millions all over the world.  Smiths has an amazing history of providing the gauges for Mini's down the years.

The Land Rover

We have started looking at the history of Smiths gauges being used in one of the most popular 4x4 vehicles ever.


Classic VW Camper Vans and Beetles have all featured Smiths gauges.

Classic Cars

Smiths Instruments are a feature on many classic cars.

The Jaguar

Sublimely British, with a popularity that continues to increase, we started reviewing the link between Smiths and Jaguar since the Model S.

Sports cars and Motorsports

There are many classic sports cars that have Smiths gauges in their dashboards and these blogs look at the unique style and performance of each one.

Smiths Gauges on Display at Exhibitions and Shows

We like to take our gauges out on show and, in 2016, attended these exhibitions.

We hope that you have enjoyed our blogs in 2016, please contact us if there us anything that you would like us to review in 2017.

Phone:  01639732200

Email:  [email protected]

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