1978 Austin Morris Mini Pickup Restoration

1978 Austin Morris Mini Pickup Restoration

To celebrate the International Mini Meeting IMM (8th-12th August 2019) returning to the UK, Somerford Mini restored a 1978 Austin Morris Mini Pickup for the show.

Somerford Mini was established in 1990 by Peter Hines, a Mini enthusiast.  Over nearly three decades, the company has grown and now boasts a huge Spares Department alongside the original restoration business.  Manned by restorers with a deep passion for (and vast knowledge and experience of) the Mini, the Somerford Mini workshop enjoys a reputation as one of the country's leading Mini restoration centres.

In 1978, Austin Morris was part of the British Leyland Motor Corporation Ltd (BLMC).  The pickup version of the Austin Morris Mini was produced by BLMC between 1961 and 1983 with 58,179 manufactured.  The 3.4m (11 ft) long pick-up truck was built on the longer Mini Van platform and featured an open-top rear cargo area and tailgate.  The car was basic, although upgrades were available at extra cost.  The small size of the pickup proved to be extremely popular.

The Somerford Restoration

As restoration specialists, Somerford took on the challenge of restoring the basic carcass of a 1978 Austin Morris Mini into a full working car in time to show at the IMM event.

Somerford contacted Caerbont Automotive Instruments (CAI) to supply the SMITHS instruments that featured in the original 1978 car.  At their manufacturing facility near Swansea, CAI continue to manufacture SMITHS gauges for the Mini using the original drawings and technical specifications.

CAI supplied three gauges:

  • Classic magnolia-faced Speedometer, mounted centrally;
  • Oil pressure gauge;
  • Oil temperature gauge

Gleaming Green Restored Austin Morris Mini Pickup

At the IMM event, Somerford Mini proudly displayed the fully restored Austin Morris Mini Pickup.  Painted in a dark racing green, the fully restored car looked sensational.  Mini enthusiasts were drawn to the stand and enthralled to hear and see the story of how Somerford Mini had brought this wonderful Austin Morris Mini Pickup back to life.

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