All gauges on this page are available through Aston Martin Heritage


SMITHS original DB4GT Speedometer

Smiths Classic 100mm (4in) Speedometer for the DB4GT. Flat Chrome bezel, SMITHS logo, floodlit illumination with ignition and high beam light .


SMITHS original DB4GT Tachometer

Smiths Classic 100mm (4in) Tachometer for the DB4GT. Full range of matching dashboard instruments available to complement the classic Aston Martin .


Aston Martin DB5 Smiths Classic Time Clock

60mm black face SMITHS classic Time Clock for the Aston Martin DB5

range of minor gauges for the Aston Martin DB5 also available.



Aston Martin DB6 Volante Oil Pressure

60mm Oil Pressure Gauge for the Aston Martin DB6.

Range of DB 6 Volante  minor gauges and tachometer available.


Aston Martin V8 Vantage Tachometer

Black Faced Tachometer featuring the Aston Martin Logo, 100m Gauge,  0-7000RPM 

This a good example of more modern looking gauges being created for Aston Martin works team